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fight us
10.04: Tzine - 33:15
07.07: Chudilo - 1:0
06.07: RDG - 14:5
16.06: F.t.| - 24:4

clanwar details

Date: 18.11.2006
Game / Squad: Key 2 Frag
Opponent: Cuba / Cuba
League: 2on2 [Matchlink]
Matchup:   vs.  

10 : 14

Result: Key 2 Frag   10:14   Cuba
[MST] Team: msthavoc, croil
Cuba Team: T0ni, N4stYG1rL
Server: serverleih.de
Screenshots:   Screen 1
  Screen 2
war nen knapper war, unser erster 2on2 als coryzorz



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