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# 9 by adre
04.06.2011 - 06:12 email IP: logged quote

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# 8 by feidukai
01.04.2011 - 03:24 email IP: logged quote

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# 7 by feidukai
01.04.2011 - 03:21 email IP: logged quote

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# 6 by DD
14.03.2011 - 10:23 IP: logged quote

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# 5 by DD
14.03.2011 - 10:22 IP: logged quote

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# 4 by DD
14.03.2011 - 10:22 IP: logged quote

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# 3 by Take time to enjoy life
29.01.2011 - 07:42 email IP: logged quote

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# 2 by fd
28.12.2010 - 11:20 email IP: logged quote

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# 1 by feefee
30.09.2010 - 11:52 email IP: logged quote

tbc transition due to the Society to the leisure, progress is not fast, bt not pass, but this week should be to pour the Egg. The following is entirely her own feelings and experiences, there wow gold are different views of the friends that come out with everyone sharing something, I say the most simple way to look at my experience bar. No. 1: high-level military governor Nain Tucci this boss is not simple, relatively fast paced combat, but also relatively easy card team boss. Pulling barbed Shier world of warcraft gold us on Needless to say, andLet us focus Tidal Shield, when the tidal shield caused by the whole regiment would be broken when the 8500 ice damage, it is easier dead. Therefore, to ensure that their blood line is the key. Dark, animal husbandry and attention to points: one, endurance. Tailoring sets pastor because of relatively low resistance, where very dangerous, if he does not t5, recommended for high endurance uniforms, such as the s2, veteran series, when your blood to reach more than 10000 +, the basic security. 2, tidal shield. Tidal Shield every time before breaking 10 million to ensure that their blood higher than the safety line (preferably full of blood), which is the key in the key, if dissatisfied with the bombing of the blood, accompanied by 8500 the whole regimentInjuries most likely let you die. This mainly depends on the treatment, and if no one really have time to help you fill of blood, we can also use their own blood sugar ss Cheap necklace filled shield yourself kits, and even cut myself to fill forms, human despair Prayer very good, another, or tidal shield comes ahead of drinking an ice absorption can also be effective guarantee of survival. 3, through the thorns. This is something everyone should pay attention to detail see boss Gong Lue. Medicine: conventional mixture, large ice absorption, big blue, bandages (not very recommended, seriously affect the team dps), 20 resistance or 30-resistant cooking food
vampireGhost hug: Recommended on the eradication of embracing
Shadow Word: not recommended eradication, treatment of stress itself is already very large. No. 2: than 1, the less the boss too much, usually within a team three times can be too general. However, it can not be Tai Xiaoqiao. Dark, animal husbandry and attention to points: 1, distance to grasp. a stage is a wood piles son, doom the output bar. b phase everyone has to Paowei the individual is not recommended in the b phase with whipping, 24-yard distance from certain risks, make up pain, make up touch, mind sharp enough, and eliminate the b phase is to be used with caution, and b phase of a life-saving priorityBefore the output. 2, volcanic fissures. Do not close it, if you are at the foot there, immediately ran away imitation watch while on the edge to shield himself. This is not difficult to hide, but the damage to the small volcano is still very frightening, very likely reflecting the slow death of those above. Personally feel that if someday I can hit the boss is dead, it should only be likely to die from a small volcano - - #, while b stage Diaoxie too, if serious, can cut their own patterns to fill the blood, sports warfare, there is no lack of complete Blue problems. Medicine: conventional mixture, big blue, bandages
Vampiric embrace: Recommended on the hug
Shadow WordRecommended eliminate a phase, b phase is not recommended on the 3rd: Shadow of Akama This is a failure of the boss, so I can only talk about it. Dark, animal husbandry and attention to points: No medicine: conventional mixture, 23 hurt in cooking food
Vampiric embrace: not recommended on the eradication of embracing
Shadow Word: Recommendation 4: gurt cell blood boil it is a world of warcraft account certain degree of difficulty of the boss, the rate of fault-tolerant is not high, but not complicated. Dark, animal husbandry and attention to points: 1, inner fire. If you usually do not love yourself on the heart of the fire, then this could be Do not forget the boss.ljz322 2, hatred. ot mean that destroy mission, not to mention the boss of the hatred sensitive.
3, the blood boiling. If the arrangement of blood boiled, if you eat a good concentration rate of 10 million to eat, most people must pay attention to good things, details see boss Gong Lue.
4, armor and endurance. For this easy ot the boss, the appropriate uniform to wear some of the high A high-resistance, and not once a certain degree of treatment can reduce the pressure to improve their viability. But will wow gold also reduce its own a little bit of damage, to a certain extent to prevent the occurrence of ot, why not?Medicine: conventional mixture, big blue, and 20-resistant cooking food
Vampiric embrace: not very recommended, although treatment of pressure, but once ot the directly destroy missions, not worth it. eliminate
Shadow Word: not afraid ot, not afraid to have k?p wow gold the treatment of pressure is large enough, then they create additional stress on the force to destroy Bar

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