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How to Capture with MDT (english)
Date: 27.01.2008
Author: msthavoc
Links: Madabouthats

Welcome to the Basic Instruction Tutorial "How to capture"

At first we need Mirv Demo Tool. I use here the newest Version unofficial.

Start the MDT Loader and this screen appears

MDt is just waiting for Half-Life. You can change the MDT Loader in the extended Mode before you start HL/CS/... .

Here you can change some Options and activate some features, for example to force the resolution of your game. For example I use here 800x500px. Be careful you have to use 480 or greater beacause a smaller height value would crash the engine.
Further up you see that you can change the mod you want use and you can also add a parameter in the "Your Addition"-Line, for example -demoedit if you want use campath or somethink else.

Browse to your HL.exe path and click "Start Game"

Open your console in CS and you can see an entry that mdt is already loaded..

Start a demo over the command viewdemo DEMONAME.
My demo is named awp.dem

After some seconds your demo is already loaded and yu can start with the mdt functions

Just type in mirv_movie and you could see some commands appears like mirv_movie_clearscreen0 or mirv_movie_customdump 0

At first I want change my dump-target and also the name of the dumped imagesequence.
Use the command mirv_movie_filename and after that param you can give a filename or a full path.

I use here "g:mdttmpFILENAME"

So i would find my dumped images after capturing in my folder mdttmp on my harddisk G with the name FILENAME_...

After that you can change the FPS rate over

I use 90frames per seconds, so I can make later slowmotion without losing some framerate

The next feature i turn on is the dephtdump.
Use mirv_movie_depthdump 1 for dumping that.

So you get a Depth Image which you can use for Depth of Field effect or some other nice things.

Since MDT supports direct export of the sound. So you needn't record extern the sound with other programs like Audacity.

Just turn on the export of the sound by using the command "mirv_movie_export_sound 1"

Now we can start capturing our Demo Scene. To start a capture use the function mirv_recordmovie_start.
Then just push play to start your scene and wait.
If your scene is complete stop the recording over the function mirv_recordmovie_stop.

You can also handle that a little bit easier by binding these functions to a key.

Here is an example:

Now I can easily start the capturing by pushing F4 and stop that by pushing F3.

After the capturing you can close your game and change to your path, where the imagesequence is dumped. In my case i used G:mdttmp

and here is the result

You can see our normal dumped images(FILENAME_00_all_00001...-) and our depthmaps(FILENAME_00_depthall_00001...-)
You also can find the soundfile in the same folder.

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